The most common skin condition affecting all South Africans is spider veins or thread veins. 

ThermaVein South Africa came about in early 2014 when, after testing other technology available on the SA aesthetic market, we eventually found a treatment in the UK that really worked! 

Unsightly facial and leg veins is a condition that about 90% of people, both men and woman, suffer from.  These veins can be hereditary or hormonal, but mostly they are a side effect of our modern lifestyle.  And as part of that modern lifestyle, we want modern results!

Facial veins are eradicated in only one treatment and the results are instantaneous.  Leg veins require 3 to 4 treatments, but the results are amazing.  Unlike laser or IPL, ThermaVein can be used on any skin type or colour and has no side effects.  There is no chance of burning, scarring or resulting pigmentation.

We started off with one machine in Ruimsig, Gauteng doing treatments from home.  We now have numerous machines across the country doing treatments from doctor's rooms and upmarket salons.  There is an extensive list on our Venues page.



If you are interested in becoming a ThermaVein practitioner?

Contact Erika 082 413 6525

  @ the Cape Town Head Office





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