Nick in London:
My Thermavein experience: I was introduced to Thermavein by a friend. I had a mark on my cheek since childhood and despite having tried a couple of other treatments, nothing had worked. Laser treatment seemed to make my mark visibly darker to a point where people started to comment on it. This was distressing to say the least! During the initial Thermavein consultation the practitioner told me that there was no guarantee Thermavein would work or that it would make a difference, but since it looked like it was made up of hundreds of tiny veins, it was definitely worth trying since the point of Thermavein was to permanently close blood vessels. I guessed if it wasn’t going to do any harm, it could be no worse if the treatment didn’t work. It was remarkable after one session of Thermavein the mark had reduced in size and had become considerably lighter. I was told I had to wait 4-6 weeks before my next treatment so I was looking forward to how much better it would look after the second treatment. After two treatments, people were regularly commenting on how much better it looked. Now, after my third treatment, the mark has reduced by 70% - the red blotchiness is gone and my skin is looking visibly better. Thermavien has proven to be the best of the treatments for this. I look and feel much better and would recommend this treatment to anyone with this type of issue unreservedly.

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